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Well, it’s been a funny old week – spent mostly on very long journeys for very short hospital visits. Ten hours driving in three days – exhausting for my poor husband. Also we remembered – we’re not very good at remembering it – that yesterday was our wedding anniversary – the 49th, actually. But by the evening I was feeling too dismembered to do anything other than look at the bottle of champagne we’d optimistically bought on the way home. So I raised a glass of water and Richard raised a glass of sherry, and we determined to do better next year.

Anyway, instead of a proper blog, here’s a poem by Thomas Hardy, suitably austere; melancholy but with a note of hope, about a long married couple and their relationship.

Between Us Now

Between us now and here –
Two thrown together
Who are not wont to wear
Life’s flushest feather –
Who see the scenes slide past,
The daytimes dimming fast,
Let there be truth at last,
Even if despair.

So thoroughly and long
Have you now known me,
So real in faith and strong
Have I now shown me,
That nothing needs disguise
Further in any wise,
Or asks or justifies
A guarded tongue.

Face unto face, then, say,
Eyes mine own meeting,
Is your heart far away,
Or with mine beating?
When false things are brought low,
And swift things have grown slow,
Feigning like froth shall go,
Faith be for aye.

Thomas Hardy

6 thoughts on “Not a proper blog…”

  1. What a lovely poem! We forget our anniversary too, though we have fewer of them to celebrate. I’m presently flat on my back in hospital, so I don’t have the travelling to contend with. Bruce takes dictation efficiently. Our love to you both.

    PS. How about ‘life’s flushest feather’ then? B

  2. Thank you for this poem Frances.
    Last week we celebrated 39 years ….our
    tongues still too often unguarded ! – we’ve
    just had a blazing row, and now I want to make up
    with a cup of coffee – he’s disappeared!
    Hope to call in on you soon-
    Much love,

  3. Have just caught up with the blog in time to congratulate you and Richard, albeit belatedly, and to send you love from us both. Thank you for the Hardy poem – do you know RS Thomas’s “A Marriage”? It was actually written after his wife died but contains one of the most lovely descriptions of an enduring marriage: “Fifty years passed/ love’s moment/ in a world in/ servitude to time.”

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