The Memory Gate

The Memory Gate 

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Dancing In The Chequered Shade

Dancing In The Chequered Shade cover 

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Bracelet of Bright Hair

A Child's Book of Poems: All Through the Year cover imageA journal about a poetry-reading year.

‘She writes in an easy manner that is most attractive… One hopes that readers will be inspired to turn to (or return to) poetry for the unique pleasure and insight it gives and also one hopes that this will be but the first of many similar volumes’

V.S.E.B. The Contemporary Review

‘…a beautiful book of poems that I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading as the year progresses.’

Katherine Roberts, author of I Am The Great Horse

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A Child's Book of Poems

All Through The Year

A Child's Book of Poems: All Through the Year cover imagePoems for each month, with contributions from Phil Carradice, Gillian Clarke, Catherine Fisher, Francesca Kay, Christine Kinsey, Frances Thomas

‘This beautiful book would make a magical gift for lucky children everywhere. It is introduced by a poem by Gillian Clarke, the National Poet of Wales, wherein we are extolled to 'Read a poem every day. They're short and made of lovely words, friendly, small as little birds.' And such poems by such poets: Gillian Clarke herself, Catherine Fisher, Phil Carradice, Francesca Kay, Chris Kinsey, and Frances Thomas. Each of them takes two of the months of the year and writes a series of poems significant to the season. And then there are the stunning illustrations. Fran Evans has produced a full colour picture for the beginning of each month, and dotted throughout the book are small black and white vignettes full of life and grace. The four seasons are represented by different coloured pages in the palest of colours, and the end pages are a delightful riot of snowflakes, blackberries, bees and newts. At �9.99 for a quality hardback, this is a must-have for families, schools and your favourite nephew or niece. My grandchildren will be enjoying my copy.’

Elizabeth Schlenther (A review from www.gwales.com with the permission of the Welsh Books Council)

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